This person does not exist

That’s right. This person does not exist. She’s a product of AI, artificial intelligence. Computers have analyzed millions, probably billions, of photos of people. All ages, races, skin tones, and accessories like earrings and glasses. All done for facial recognition programs, CGI, publicity shots, IDs, etc. And with all that information and a lot of computer wizardry, AI produced this image of a person who does not exist. She’s just a figment of AI’s imagination.

Go to the website and all you’ll see is a picture of a person, a person who does not exist. Refresh the page and you’ll see someone else who does not exist. Keep flipping through images and you might spot little details that aren’t quite right, but overall it’s rather remarkable.

Remarkable … and a little disturbing.

22 thoughts on “This person does not exist

  1. It’s amazing what can be done these days. I just scrolled thru this site last night. Altho the creations do not look like actual photos of people, what amazes me is how someone can take a doll and make then nearly lifelike. That’s a doll.

      1. Ohhh, okay. That clarifies the doll thing. I was confused … (like that never happens!)

        Those dolls are beautiful. What extraordinary talent the artist has.

      1. Certainly there will be abuses. We just have to hope they are recognized and thwarted.

        “Progress always involves risk; you can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.”
        — Frederick Wilcox

  2. My iPhone uses facial recognition instead of a passcode to open. It works flawlessly including whether or not I’m wearing glasses. I believe it is now being used to screen passengers for the terrorist watch-list at several airports. AI is used to automatically read license plates. All this raises questions about privacy and what the word even means in a computerized society, yes?

    1. Again, a double-edged sword. It’s great for catching bad guys and great for identifying good guys. But privacy? Yes, it’s an increasingly rare commodity.

      1. It’s one of my favorites… I have NO idea how I stumbled into these graphics. Probably something to do with Apple or Mac. 🤔

  3. johnthecook…very interesting. I have been told when it comes to computer programing, it is “garbage in…garbage out” When the facial recognition program cant find what it is programed to do(ie, nothing in it’s data base for reference) the algorithm it has been programed to use/follow, it leaves you a possibility of what your suspect /image may look like. After all it was programed to do just that. I do not think a computer can do something or a task it was not programed to do.

    1. GIGO has long been true. But with really expert programming, what computers can do is getting a bit scary (also remarkable and marvelous). They can and do learn. As I understand it, if they ever become self-aware, that’s when the trouble really begins.

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