Hey Dems, I’m getting confused

29 thoughts on “Hey Dems, I’m getting confused”

    1. Could that be the problem? That so many Dems think the next election is a gimme that they think it’s the perfect time for them to jump in? Because any Dem can beat Trump? Please, let’s not underestimate him and the alt-right again!

      1. The cheeto isn’t as weak as many dems think. The 2018 midterms weren’t as forceful as some would think. More unity is needed and a strong resolve to winning the presidency. All the candidates jumping in isn’t helping.

      2. Trump alone might be easily defeated. But an appalling number of Americans still support him. If Dems go too far left and keep splintering their base, the unthinkable could happen again.

  1. I’d vote for anyone over trump, but hope that Mueller can make a case to more people of how corrupt trump is, I’m afraid is dimming. And Barr and /or Whitaker will see to that as well. The game is rigged.

    1. If he’s not an example of a president who should be removed from office, I can’t imagine who would be. And yet, he’s still in office. I’ve been hoping Mueller’s report would bury him, but so much time has gone by that I’m now afraid the impending election will be the excuse for not acting against him.

  2. Perhaps if Madam Speaker threw her hat into the ring the others would all disappear, She’s standing up well against the occupant of the O.O; She seems a pretty damned fine speaker and politician to me, and I’d think she’d whack you know who in any Presidential debate

      1. From what I’ve seen of her pf late I think she is No.1 choice, she’d thrash potus who, from where I’m sitting, looks like getting back in, unless he’s impeached, and then jailed for life with no release

    1. She has a lot of power right where she is, and I think she’s needed there to hold the party together. I suppose she could run for president if she wanted to, but somehow I don’t see it happening. Anybody with half a brain could run circles around Trump in a debate. We’ll just have to hope they nominate someone with half a brain.

      1. The shambles in the Democratic Party at the moment is mind boggling; everyone seems to think they can beat the incumbent and making the party look like a party of half wits

      2. In 2016, 16 different Republicans ran for president. (I had to look that up to remind myself.) And it looked pretty chaotic for a while. When a party doesn’t have an incumbent to support, everybody jumps in. It does eventually get sorted out. I just wish it didn’t look and feel like such a circus.

  3. OMG. I completely agree. They’re all so confident that trump can be beaten in 2020 – which I think they’re right so long as the candidate is worth it. But they better be prepared from trumps rhetoric and lies b/c you know he’ll lambaste whoever the Democratic candidate is. I just keep hoping he’ll have a heart attack or some serious health problem that will impede him from running in 2020. Yes, he brings the worst out in me — I actually hope his health gets worse.

    1. Nah, I want to see him impeached, convicted, and kicked out of office. Or maybe the 25th Amendment. Whichever will humiliate him the most. I’d like to see him in prison for tax evasion or something. Maybe Mueller’s report will do it. Crossing my fingers.

      1. I would too but the more time that goes by, the less likely I see it happening. Although with the Dems in majority in the house, something is going to start happening.

      2. I hope it doesn’t go like the Bush/Cheney thing. Nobody wanted to charge them with war crimes or anything while they were in office because they were in office. And once they were out, they were out, and not worth pursuing. Trump makes those two look like completely normal people.

  4. I fear that Mueller’s testimony will wind up helping the Republicans more than the Democrats. Many of the Dem’s questions will involve facts he can’t legally answer while the Repub’s questions will br e centered around the alleged falsified FISA requests for warrants. I fear Mueller’s answers are going to be ambiguous and therefore fodder to feed the Clinton colluded with Russia allegations.  Pursuing the impeachment and criminal indictment of Trump instead of what they (the Dems) will do to correct my impression that nothing matters as much as tearing down their opponent(s) is just stupid in my opinion.  

    Personally, I like that guy who’s name I can’t spell… The gay mayor guy. I looked it up – “Buttigieg.”

    1. Let’s hope Mueller is as sharp as a tack and can think and speak on his feet. That’s a lot different from spending months gathering evidence and writing a report.

      I don’t know how it’s all going to shake out. My biggest concern currently is that the Dems (Pelosi vs the young upstarts) will divide the party. Or worsen the existing fractures.

      I like Mayor Pete, too. He seems smart, well-spoken, and straightforward. Maybe too young and too liberal, but I wouldn’t oppose him. I still like Biden, but he’s being crucified by his own party.

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