Holy smoke, Smollett

14 thoughts on “Holy smoke, Smollett”

  1. My sentiments exactly – and probably the most of the country. Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t condone this behavior at all, but if you’re going to tell such a big whopper, you better be prepared to stick by that lie for the rest of your life. Like our “illustrious” king-of-the-lies trump.

    1. Both tell ridiculous, poorly contrived whoppers. Colbert even noted last night, if you’re going to fake a racist hate crime against yourself, and you’re black, at least be smart enough to hire white guys to beat you up. He hired two black friends.

    1. Ha, good question. I really didn’t give much thought to where it happened or what the weather was there. He could have died of hypothermia if his “attackers” hadn’t gotten to him first.

  2. Idiot – but what he has witnessed that works: victimhood. Sad about the (small fortune) amount of money you make? Become a victim – get social media/celebs wailing – and bingo – you’re in the money. Glad it finally unraveled – just too many red flags all along, but it seemed he’d get away with it with all applauding his “bravery in the face of adversity.”
    He actually created a hate crime, enraged racial tension – and as you say damaged REAL victims who will now have a much more difficult time being believed. Idiot is too kind a word.

    1. Yep, that makes him even dumber than an idiot, although I’m not sure what that would be. Webster says that, clinically speaking, imbeciles and morons are smarter than idiots.

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