Joe Biden and the #MeToo conundrum

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  1. It looks pretty harmless to me; he was being friendly and harmless; also going by that photo damned open.nothing sexually predatory about it; she;s making a mountain out of a molehill, and saying look girls I’m being sexually ravished by the VP..

    Women like this are doing more harm to those women that have real reason to speak out
    I’ve got to the stage where I’m now saying tough, you should have spoken up at the time! I’m fed up with all these people coming out of the woodwork

    1. None of these photos is of Lucy Flores and the incident she described, but they all look/sound about the same. Like you, I’m getting fed up with women coming out of the woodwork at politically expedient times to report things that happened years ago.

      1. Also, I saw a news report that the photographer who covered that event and took hundreds of photos during it has gone through the photos and found none of that moment. In my opinion, that speaks to it not having been a big deal, as those professional photographers have an eagle eye to capture whatever is going in the room that might be of import.

      2. I think I read that somewhere too. If one existed, it would have been all over the news. Just one more reason to deal with the situation yourself as soon as it happens. Minus photographic evidence or lots of witnesses, you’ll have a tough time proving your story later.

  2. That first photo had me shivering as I remembered a GP who worked at a practice I was with – if you didn’t watch where he was, he’d creep up behind you and do just that – stand really close and put his hands on your shoulders. Even if you were at the reception desk speaking with incoming patients.
    The other staff warned me when I first joined the company (1970s ) – I didn’t believe them – until it happened. And of course one never ‘tackled’ your boss in those days!
    Women these days shouldn’t be ‘afraid’ of what will happen if they speak out – should they?

  3. Nothing new there- I’ve watched him over the years and always felt he was/acted a little creepy ( and no one said a word!)
    I agree with you.
    It looks to me that with so many in the political running, that some campaigns are taking steps to knock some out to the running….more to come, no doubt.
    So much to be disgusted about

  4. What he has done is harmless but can be very uncomfortable for the woman. Personally, when it comes to work, don’t touch me. Friends-only can do that, and even then…..

    But when we have someone in the White House that openly admits to grabbing women’s pussies, then the media should bring that back up as a comparison. Hypocrites. And Biden needs to stop, which I’m sure he will/has now.

    1. And it might be worth noting that Flores likely has her own political aspirations. She’s run for office before and this is getting her name in the news again.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if we keep seeing them. The guy who leads the polls always has a target on his back. Maybe it’s a tactic to discourage him from running.

    1. Yep. The rules have changed. I wouldn’t blame Biden at this point if he decided not to run after all. On the other hand, not running will look like an admission of guilt and give his attackers exactly what they want. I hate what this country has become.

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