I am from … a while ago

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    1. At the time I figured if I didn’t write it down, I’d eventually forget it. So I started spewing out all the details I could remember at the time. Last night I got hung up on the Buick, since I didn’t have a picture of a white-over-green one. Looking at all the pics on Google, I began to remember, I think, that it was a 2-door model. But can’t recall for sure.

  1. Wow. You and I share remarkably similar memories, PT. I was born in 1937 and frequently visited my mother’s side of the family on their Oklahoma farm. I also have fond memories of visiting my father’s side in Tulsa. This is a vanishing part of the American dream, this swirling panoply of culture in a landscape of change and exploding technology. I marvel of late at how fortunate I am to have been born in this place and time, and to have somehow survived all the potential pitfalls, not least, war. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Well done.

    1. Maybe we passed each other on our visits to our respective farms!? We often drove to Glasgow via Joplin. I was born in 1943, so maybe not. But those really were fun, stress-free times. I sometimes think it might have just seemed that way because we were kids, but based on the stories I hear from my grandson, growing up these days is extremely stressful for numerous reasons. I think we were indeed born in the best of times.

  2. You’ve outdone yourself this time Susan. A beautiful post that held me spell bound.

    My first and only bike was a Raleigh, but it didn’t have any speeds, just me, peddling like crazy; it was second hand and pre-war when I got it,

    Before I left England in 1951 I gave it to a young boy lived with his old aunt down the road a bit, he was a nice lad a war orphan, parents killed in an air raid; his name was Brian

    1. I’ve no memory what became of my old bike. I stopped riding it when I got past grade school and it was no longer cool to ride a bike. Maybe a younger sibling adopted it (two sisters and a brother). Thoughtful of you to give yours to someone who needed it.

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