I am from … a while ago

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  1. Wow 30 – that took me back. I think we might have had some similar neighborhoods. A simpler time, where life was easier and maybe even made more sense.

    I think this is from George Ella Lyons – the where I from exercise, right? I never thought of it as a meme. My friend Sarah Flanigan did a version of her own last year –
    http://sarahflanigan.com/2008/05/10/where-im-from/ if you want to look at it. But feel free to delete the link too, if you want.

    It was nice to visit your ‘home town’ it really was.

    I got the idea from one of the blogs I read regularly, quite likely yours. That was part of the downside of letting it sit so long … I lost track of links that deserved to be included. Hehe, I got pretty windy, didn’t I?

  2. Oh, this is just a wonderful entry, and I am so glad you posted it. You’re from the time between my parents’ and my sisters’.

    My father and I used to stay up late watching repeats of Flash Gordon on PBS. Good stuff! And stamp-collecting…I had one of those 3-cent stamps. By the time I was old enough to understand stamps, people were complaining that it cost 13 cents to mail a letter, and those 3-centers were really cool to find.

    Hmmm, what’s my time? Jimmy Carter, Bicentennial Minutemen Quarters, Kool-Pops, Mikey on the Life cereal box and the whole “Mikey died when he drank Coke and ate Pop-Rocks” urban legend, Barbie’s three-story townhouse that my sister’s ex-husband (the Princeton grad) couldn’t figure out how to put together, the Islanders’ hockey dynasty, and later, Pac-Man, and the Atari 2600.
    Mikey died? ROFL. I missed that one completely. Funny you should mention Pop Rocks, though. My daughter-in-law bought some for my babysitting gig over there just last night. It’s been decades since I’ve had any; I didn’t even realize they were still around.

    I hope that was the original Buster Crabbe version of Flash Gordon. That’s the one I watched. The later ones were just pretenders. 😉

    Now if only I could stop thinking of more things to include. After all, it wasn’t supposed to be an autobiography.

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