Today is Earth Day 2019

17 thoughts on “Today is Earth Day 2019”

  1. Microplastic everywhere, land, sea, air, oceans filling with plastic. Climate change: tropical diseases creeping north, oceans rising, glaciers melting, extinctions in progress (bees, coral reefs, e.g.), landfills nearing full. Far fewer cigarette butts on floors and streets, less trash. Wind power and solar power expanding despite GOP agenda. EPA being systematically strangled.

      1. Hmmm, chickens, horses, rats, – and other animals do bully and single out one to pick on and frequently injure the victim- for no reason. We shall not mention the games cats play with prey (as one is glaring at me…probably confirming how idiotic humans can be)

      2. I will bow to your far superior knowledge on matters of such great moment Phil.
        How can I possibly argue with one so governed by those dastardly critters who at this very moment are glaring at your trembling body

      3. My uncle had a gorgeous paint cutting horse once who would get bored in the pasture and would pick out one cow to just chase and torment with bites. As lovely as he was, he was traded off as he was running the money off the cattle. HAHA.
        Hope you are rested up from your birthday celebrations!

      4. I’d love to have watched that horse in action, probably wouldn’t have stopped laughing.
        My birthday passed without notice Phil, which pretty much suits me these days, I shall be going for a few drinks with my chum this coming Sunday, His birthday is a couple of days before mine, but he’s been tied up with some medical procedures at the RPA for the last couple of weeks and couldn’t make it.
        Medical procedure is a euphemism for checking him out for cancer I think.

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