It’s Earth Day 2019

9 thoughts on “It’s Earth Day 2019

  1. Do you know the date of that one?
    It seems people really got concerned (’60’s), and picked up litter, made an effort to recycle, repurpose in stead of always buying new – and flea markets and second hand stores were what everyone did. School kids wrote about ways to be considerate of the planet. There were commercials on TV. Then…what happened?
    A good deal of talk and wailing about the environment, but a while lot of ignoring all the little things that make a difference and, well, just talking to be “in” with the group.
    People, step away from the key boards/instagram/twitter and actually physically do something…picking up litter and plastic bags/cups is a start…you won’t have to look far to find them…decide to use what you have instead of buying new disposable stuff that won’t hold up long, can’t be repaired, and wrecks the environment during manufacturing…

    1. And if you won’t pick up someone else’s trash, at least stop adding to it!

      Which date? I’m confused. Tin Eye says the Pogo poster dates back to at least Apr 18, 2008.

      1. Wondering when it was first draw – to date the attitude.
        Know the manufacturers/merchants disagree, but there’s too much flimsy unnecessary stuff…of course the ocean is sending a lot of the remnants back where they came from: China

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