Beneath the cover-up

Although I agree that Attorney General Barr is nothing more than Trump’s lackey, that’s not why I laughed at this cartoon. I’d never thought about what Trump’s hair must look like right after it’s washed. With the length he needs for his crazy combover, it may well look something like this.

11 thoughts on “Beneath the cover-up

      1. A new job begins. And in the US it’s considered very imprudent to discuss politics in the workplace. Is it the same in Australia? No politics or religion in the workplace?

        1. We discuss fight and argue politics and religion anywhere anytime, except at weddings and birthday parties, but even then there’s always someone wanting a stoush.
          Not often, but blows have been known to be exchanged, all very civilized really, grudges are not usually held.
          Not sure about the new breed of Australian that’s coming along, they seem to have lost touch with their roots, that damned TV and international stuff thrown down their throats now.
          Was great when we were just a great big island nation on our own, We are fortunate that there is not another country that has borders with us. Isolation, was great.

          1. Perhaps I shouldn’t generalize so broadly. It’s just that polite, responsible people try not to offend coworkers. It keeps the workplace more pleasant for everyone. But increasingly, people seem not to give a damn for the feelings of others.

  1. Funny cartoon! Wonder why he doesn’t get implants, or just a really good wig like numerous entertainers use — maybe he hasn’t been able to afford the expense. Yes, great care must be taken in the workplace, and even some other settings, or with some others, about discussing, politics, religion and controversial social issues like abortion, homosexuality to name a few.

    Too many people can’t disagree civilly as we learned in debate class having to argue differing sides of issues. Some just go berserk descending into with name-calling, running up their blood pressure as one told me, and worse — at a loss for words to describe their position, or unable to refute an argument, angry because you won’t agree with their position. Can sometimes be strangely hilarious at the ridiculousness of the situation in retrospect.

    1. Maybe he thinks that ridiculous combover is the best option … as if it fools anyone. And no doubt he pays someone to comb and shellac it every morning. I chuckle now every time I imagine what he looks like when he steps out of the shower with long stringy wet hair. Kudos to that cartoonist for that.

      Civility and agreeing to disagree. Lost arts it seems. At least in the media. So far I’ve not encountered a problem, but my son and I do have to agree to disagree when it comes to politics. We enjoy discussing to a point but know when to change the subject.

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