Trade wars bad, very bad


Trump lost a billion dollars in ten years (ala “The Art of the Deal“!?), but at least it was his own money. Now he’s playing with your money and mine. Bad. Very bad.

“If the world goes to hell in a handbasket, I won’t lose a dollar.”  — Trump, 1988


12 thoughts on “Trade wars bad, very bad

    1. Just FYI I’ve tried multiple times to leave comments on other posts but WP is being quirky again)
      Love this post! (although from his TV show and articles, I knew about his business losses before – like Tiger, you gotta get back up and try again….hopefully there’s others that have to sign off on the budget who actually understand about money, spending, budget, and debt…not sure I expect Trump to keep from rolling the dice for all of us. Scary – build emergency funds/pay debts before free wheeling spending

      1. I knew he’d had several bankruptcies, but had no idea how much he’d lost overall. I used to console myself with the thought that, despite being hopelessly unqualified for his office, he at least knows real estate. So wrong. He’s just another hustler. And he hustled a lot of American voters.

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        1. It’s appalling how different the rich live from the the rest of us. I give up – term limits and a specific short campaign period only hope so maybe an ordinary person has a chance to get elected.
          (Please Beto – no more dentist or haircuts – just looks desperate and juvenile. )

  1. He’s an absolute genius when it comes to bidness, c’mon! I mean there’s Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks, Trump University, Trump … well, at least his hotels are doing … never mind …

    Always good to see my buddy John’s cartoons in places other than my paper or GoComics. I still say he deserves a Pulitzer.

    1. Yep. That’s sort of the point of the first cartoon. Some (not all) of the MAGA hats are made in China. He’s such an idiot he thinks imposing tariffs will only hurt China. They will, of course, cost Americans who will have to pay up to 25% more for products, parts, and supplies from China. That’s enough to put a lot of small American businesses out of business.

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