Cookies in the cabinet

Yep, I saw the video yesterday. Dr. Ben Carson, US Secretary of Housing and Urban Renewal, did indeed think the congresswoman said “Oreo.”

Wouldn’t it have been nice (and amazing) if Trump had appointed qualified people to cabinet posts instead of treating the positions like mere honorifics for good Republicans?


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  1. “qualified people” in government?



  2. Saw this yesterday…how did he ever get to be a surgeon?

  3. I really don’t think he’s as dumb as he pretends to be. My impression was that he was baiting Rep. Katie Porter, or sneering at her or simply running out the clock. I had a hard time watching it.

    • I first saw the brief clip on the evening news. I didn’t watch any more than was necessary to find and post a video. When he was campaigning for president back whenever it was, he sounded dumb then too. I don’t think he’s pretending.

  4. Just one vaudeville show after the other The USA 2017 -2021

  5. Didn’t vote for him either, but his surgical skills have nothing to do with his political/educational/social abilities.

    Long ago I discovered that gifted engineers didn’t necessarily make good managers of less gifted engineers.

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