George Carlin on abortion

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  1. George covered the subject pretty well but not completely, IMO. I miss his brutal honesty.

    Although it isn’t evident from most discussions, I think many Democrats like myself would agree that a viable fetus in the latter stage of development deserves a chance at life. Unfortunately there is no objective way to determine that time of viability, growth being a continuum. But bringing a damaged or malformed, child into the world is nothing short of immoral. It’s a crime against the fetus and a crime against society.

    God doesn’t program the production of children. Ever since the discovery of the reproductive cycle, people choose to have them. Or not.

    1. The age of viability (when a fetus can survive outside the womb) is currently about 22-24 weeks.

      I do have mixed feelings about late-term (last trimester) abortions. It seems to me that by then most women would know they are pregnant and would have already made a decision about abortion. But regardless, it’s not my decision and shouldn’t be the state’s decision. It’s the pregnant woman’s body and it’s her call.

    1. I’d always assumed the religious right has always been with us and just got polarized by the abortion issue. I wasn’t aware of the school segregation thing, probably because I was too busy figuring out what to do when my son entered middle school.

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