Because we could all use a feel-good moment

12 thoughts on “Because we could all use a feel-good moment”

  1. I think this kid has been on the news before. How cool he’s on AGT and a shooting star. (A good example why classical music/orchestra should still be offered in the schools – band just may not be the music that every kid needs – and playing a musical instrument has so many benefits.)

    1. I don’t know if his violin class was at school or elsewhere, but it’s wonderful that he found it. Schools have been dropping so many things that kids may not find elsewhere.

    1. Yes, it’s overused, but I use it a lot and can’t think of a better word. I once asked my son and grandkids what word they would use for something that was the best, greatest they could think of, and they all came up with “awesome.” So I’ve stopped feeling guilty for using it so much. Three generations still think it’s irreplaceable.

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