No collusion?


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  1. Remember the old Mad Magazine Spy vs Spy cartoons? And the Rocket J Squirrel vs Natasha and Boris? Beginning to feel like we’ve all been zapped into those pages.
    Remember high school elections? Maybe they don’t do those any more as it’s much a “popularity thing and we can have any little fragile dahlin’s feelings hurt as it would destroy their entire lives HaHa. Anytime there was a high profile election – cheer leaders, prom court, the rumor and slander would fly through the school – of course if anyone on one side knew something that would hurt the other side in votes, that info would smirkingly slip out. Both sides did it. So much like high school – of course it was a very large big city school with over 1,000 kids in each class. It was the training ground for life

    • Oh yes, I remember all that. And how I dreaded becoming the focal point of any of those nasty rumors.

      I would say that Trump seems stuck in that phase of his life — a high schooler’s view of behavior, society, politics, the presidency, the world. But that would be a huge insult to some of the high schoolers I know today (like my grandkids).

  2. I’m not sure which bothers me more, that Herr Twitler lies about collusion or that he’s too amoral to understand what it means.

    • Everything about him bothers me, worries me, angers me. Amoral or just plain stupid — I don’t know which — he turns my stomach. And perhaps even worse is that so many people are still amoral enough or stupid enough to support him.

      • You’re not kidding there. I cannot stand to hear his voice. If he ever comes on TV, I change it as fast as I can. He is the biggest fool to ever grace that chair – and probably will be for however long the US has a president.

  3. I’m trying to turn him off too, but like many caught in this net of malfeasance and intrigue, I’m afraid if I don’t keep my eye on the whole mess, I’ll miss something that will be critical to my survival! Thanks, Susan, for blogging about this—there are few people we can trust to give us an honest point of view.

    • I confess I peek once in a while, just to make sure Washington hasn’t imploded or we aren’t at war or something else really serious. But it’s always the same. Trump says stupid things. Congress stays gridlocked, doing nothing. And the Dems have too cotton pickin’ many candidates!

      Oh, and thank you. I try to give honest opinions, even if I might change my mind at some point.

  4. I was ready to bet the farm that the twitter in chief would never be elected. Thank goodness nobody took me up on it.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." ~ Edmund Burke

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