Debate expectations

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  1. You are right. These are auditions – for the upcoming staged production.
    Probably just political party facade to measure “customer” response while tinkering in the back room with the actual candidate.
    I agree with your criteria for the office.
    Hate for it to become like election where you aren’t offered any real choice of someone who will actually be a leader (willing to work with all – for all /compromise in order to move country in a positive direction with what’s best for the country as a whole, not just parts or segments of it) – instead of a politician indebted to the party elites who just want power at any cost.

  2. I’d go with “fortunately.” 🙂 “Specially if you don’t own a TV. 😉 What does get me excited is seeing how our local level politicians seem to be cut from the same cloth as the current GOP.

    Meanwhile they’re auditioning for some alternate slot. Love the cartoon.

  3. johnthecook…As the Democratic Party leans way off center to the Left…I can not stomac a Socialist Government. These 20 some candidates do not paint a bright picture or future for America,What ever a Government can give you they can and will take away from you. Just ask the Native American Indian.

    1. Yes, that’s my problem with the far left. They talk about reparations, free education, Medicare for all, etc. One of them, Yang, even proposes giving every American a $1,000 a month. The only way any of that will get paid for, one way or another, is by taking money from the rest of us or all of us (via the taxes we pay to the government). I wasn’t around during the Civil War and I refuse to pay reparations to others who weren’t there. I paid for my own education; I can’t afford to pay for someone else’s. And why should they get it for free anyway? Etc, etc, etc.

    2. Have you ever lived under a Socialist Government John? Probably not if you’re an American always residing in the US of A.

      Don’t get mixed up with communism, and what you see as the evils of that;

      I was once a far right wing Tory,

      Now I’m a fully paid up member of The Australian Labor Party, a socialist party that has given Australia a Health Care System that Americans could not possibly dream of, An education system that now encourages and supports those that could never have hoped to gain admission to the few universities that were in Australia,

      We now have many top universities that attract big paying students from around the world.

      This was introduced and given to the people of this country by a socialist government,

      So comrade think about it from a wider perspective; it’s pretty easy and simplistic to say your against socialism when you probably know nothing about it; and yes we are comrades, we’re not communists.

      1. johnthecook…Thank You LordBrariOfBow for your kind response. You are most correct in that I know very little about Socialism. However the Founding Fathers of our Constitution and Declaration Of Independence had a different form of Government in mind when they wrote the Federalist Papers which dovetailed into our present form of Government. There are very few present day Countries in today’s world that can match America and the Blessings that an Almighty GOD has blessed America with.

      2. You don’t believe that things are a lot different in 2019 than they were in 1776? The world has changed mightily since then, I wonder what the really great men that signed that declaration would think do and say now. I wonder too would the expression Founding Fathers amuse them or delight them, for sure they had to have a great sense of humour to do what they did.

      3. johnthecook…I’m going to have to agree with you here on this point sir! Now back to the topic at hand.. Our current Democratic Party Presidential hopefuls have a L-O-N-G way to go to show they have what it takes to lead America out of her MAJOR political crisis. We are deeply divided on our Immigration policies,weather it is ok and justifiable to kill a baby in the womb,gun violence and crime in America ,global warming…and it goes on and on. Who do you think we should look to to lead America out of our current situation?

      4. By the bye John ; please don’t call me sir, it makes me feel kind of old and I’m only a young bloke. Also Her Majesty hasn’t, as yet condescended to bestow a knighthood on me, not that I’d want one now; the damned things are handed out willy nilly.She could of course okay my self appointed ennoblement. 😛

        Beari, Brian or Elbob I normally answer to, like a faithful dog. 😀

      1. Even here in Australia you don’t have to have the free care you can go “Private” and pay through the nose if you wish.

        St Vincents Hospital in Sydney is one of the worlds leading hospitals for heart surgery, The work they do is second to none. You can probably read about them on the Internet at

  4. Wow!
    1.  I never implied that I know anything about the Australian system.
    2.  Classical liberalism = Libertarian.  Adherence to the non-aggression principal.
    3.  The cost to you for “free” medical is liberty.
    4.  Australia isn’t in need of defending in the absence of prior aggression.
    5.  Easy does it big fellow.

    1. Glad you put “free” in quotes. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. One way or another, somebody pays. In the case of free medical care, I’m guessing it’s everyone’s tax money.

      1. Every Australian who is employed pays a small levy on their income of 2% Those earning over around 60k pa, pay slightly higher half a percent.
        A couple of years back the Liberal (read Tory/ Republican style) party decided that a tax cut was in order for those on higher incomes. Those on higher incomes told the government in no uncertain terms to stick there tax cut and use the money for schools and hospitals, that’s just the Australian way, So the government did as they were told, There were no tax cuts.
        We’re indeed a” Weird Mob” as the book of that name tells’
        This levy has been going on for more than 40 years and nobody complains; ever. We love it!

    1. johnthecook…thank you for the timely reminder. No offence taken by me as I pray I did not offend with my remarks. I really did like the response by LordBeriofBow “Australia”. It is a ture point to ponder.

      1. There was a time when I dreamed I might move to either Canada or Australia if things got too bad here. But I’ve since used up more than my life’s allotment of moves.

    1. Would you call this an example of getting what you pay for?

      (Just to be clear, I think vets have earned that health care and I fault the VA and the US govt. for not keeping their promises to provide it.)

      1. Exactly. The obvious solution would be to simply give veterans their choice of paid-up health insurance. Of course then govt bureaucrats would whine that they had no oversight (control) over who used what instead of trusting board certified doctors to do whatever was best for their patients. Never happen.

      2. God forbid we let real doctors call the shots on our healthcare! It would cost all those bureaucrats their jobs. It would cost all those insurance companies their profits (because, you know, profiting off people’s illnesses is so admirable).

  5. johnthecook…as a RETIRED US Navy Veteran (22yrs served,day for day) I enjoy the benefits of a Health Care system/program that undergoes changes at the whim of present day politicians. It is complicated,no doubt about it. The way I understood it (free health care for life) was only available for RETIRED military veterans, All other US Military veterans would fall under the auspicious of the (then current) VA Medical program where service connected disabilities would be reviewed and taken care of. Because everyone wants free medical care and feels entitled to them, the government is in a quagmire up to its neck. Is it broken,NO but it does need major help. I guess this is what happens when people get greedy and feel they are entitled.

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