What, me worry?

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  1. All the European Leaders have told trump that Iran is not a problem. And they know.

    But that idiot wants, and needs, to show those deadheads that follow him, that he is the greatest potus ever and the democrats are to cowardly to put a stop to him.

    The greatest nation on earth. The USA? I don’t think so, the US is going down hill faster than it realizes

    1. He’s seems determined to start a war somewhere just to show how tough he is. And Iran is playing right into his hands. Or vice versa. Legally he can’t declare war without a vote from Congress, but who knows ….

  2. Hard to see how this could get any worse. Congress abandoned its responsibility to declare war on 9/14/2001 when Bush II signed the Authorization to Use Military Force. “Business Insider has reported that the AUMF has been used to allow military action in Afghanistan, the Philippines, Georgia, Yemen, Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Iraq, and Somalia.” Terrorists can be found anywhere a mendacious and clueless Commander in Chief might look for them. Mexico? Venezuela? Iran?

    Great political cartoon. What must the troops be thinking, to be used as pawns for political saber-rattling?

    1. I often think of the troops and how they must feel about all this. Sure, maybe some of them are gung-ho John Wayne types that can’t wait for the next fight. But honestly, if your life were on the line, would you want to be subject to the whims of Donald Trump? Would you want to lose a loved one because Trump has a temper tantrum? The man is a menace to all we hold dear.

    1. That’s a great link, ImA! I am book-marking it for future reference. As I was reading Edwards’ essay I couldn’t help thinking of a point he missed, i.e., the effect of nuclear weapons on the need for Congress to cede war-making power to the Executive. ICBM’s travel in less than 30 minutes. However, that doesn’t really diminish the power of his argument because that action could be separately legislated.

      1. Pogo — ahead of his time!

        Don’t get me started on how the constitution has been ignored for decades. With all it’s debatable faults, it’s governmental design is undeniably superior to it’s current bastardized version.

        Really… don’t get me started.

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