Sauce for the gander

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  1. Some things never go out of style! It’s a classic American custom and tradition.
    I keep waiting for that bumpersticker revival?
    The colonies certainly “suggested” moving on to group not sanctioned by local government /English compact ruled settlements
    Popular in 1775 for a decade as the Loyalist faced off with the revolutionaries
    Pushed the Mormons to go west? No doubt the Quakers heard it too.
    Not to mention the ethnic groups: Italians, Greeks, Irish etc- all in turn
    Who forget the Vietnam era’s shouting?
    And now again.
    Have to laugh.
    It’s just so American, right? Onward through the fog.

      1. LIke SW airlines says, free to move about the country – the mantra is even in advertising….so American.
        He’s got so much money, I’ve been surprise he didn’t just say “chuck it “and leave. Who needs the bullying and constant harassment. Glutton for punishment or was always the kid that like making people crazy?
        (Can we just vote now and let the country get on with life? Maybe we should start a petition? HAHA )
        We’re all exhausted (only Congress is getting paid for their participation – we just get drained). Really not sure I’m up for the pre-election ugliness and chaos (Dems having yet another “debate” here this week. Great. Important people traffic jams making the road construction log jams even worse

      2. He could afford to live anywhere, and yet he chooses to live here, among so many awful people. Actions speak louder than words. Still, he loves playing the bigshot, and right now he’s about the biggest one on the planet.

      3. He’s a wheeler dealer, and an old school big business man but at least donating his salary back to the country/parks service/agencies…now if we can just get the other elected DC officials to do the same.
        As you say, actions, – he may be the loudest, but there’s so many others quietly working under cover while he draws attention – some not working in the interest of any of us/climate/environment/world/economy/regulations and policies which impact us, the little people – those are the ones most worrisome. Trump can’t help telling everyone what he’s doing,
        In any case not a whole lot longer (Please let a new face of a sensible middle of the road candidate who has actually held a real job and has worked successfully with difficult people emerge. Not going to be able to take much more of the drama scene, name calling, and “gotcha”)

  2. Another picture worth 1000 words! BTW, I tried to like this but the button doesn’t work for me for some reason. I recall that you don’t really like “likes”, but for things like this it seems appropriate. Just sayin’.

    1. The button doesn’t work, or it flat out doesn’t show? Michelle reported she can’t even see it, or the avatars of those who’ve clicked it. I’ve been trying to figure out what the problem is. I reenabled the Like button some time ago and you should see it. And it should work.

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  4. johnthecook…In the cartoon Sauce for the gander I fully get it,the people are telling Trump If you don’t like America you are free to leave. Here is how I feel: I do not want people from other Countries to come to America;become American Citizens;and then try to change America into a Country they left! I love my Country . If they don’t like what they see here, they can go back to the Country of their choice and try to change that Country into something they like. Our Constitution and Declaration Of Independence and Her Authorized Constitutional Amendments should be The Law Of The Land…PERIOD!

    1. If you care enough to immigrate to the US and become a US citizen, then you’ve earned all the rights of a US citizen. Period. If you get elected to Congress by the people you represent, power to you. In the cartoon, Americans citizens of all backgrounds are suggesting to Trump that if the country is as bad as he says it is, he’s free to leave (just as he’s been suggesting some of them leave).

      Inherent in all of our laws is the idea that if you don’t like them, you take the steps necessary to legally change them. That’s the way our laws work — for ALL citizens.

      I don’t think non-citizens should be allowed to vote or run for office and it’s my understanding that no state allows them to do so.

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