OMG, it’s contagious!

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse …

Donald Trump and newly elected British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Here’s what England’s The Guardian had to say:

Both are loudmouthed man-children, with a history of adultery and other scandals, whose professional success is a combination of immense privilege, unscrupulous opportunism and relentless self-promotion, all happily promoted by a complicit media environment.

There’s more, but you can read it for yourself if you like.

Apologies to the UK. We didn’t know our affliction was contagious.



16 thoughts on “OMG, it’s contagious!

      1. I WON’T HAVE THAT!
        On a more serious note: I still maintain Trump is a good few degrees worse. I knew he’d win because I saw the US going down a slippery slope. Cameron leaving did much the same for the UK via the Tory party. BoJo’s just a yobbo through and through.

        On one hand: we’ve officially entered the “comedy hour” I predicted a few years ago.
        On the other: none of us are going to enjoy it.

          1. Still glazed over by the last election – or gave up and walked away (not a good thing).
            Clock’s ticking. getting ready for the next barrage- and it appears it will be worse, less authentic, more gossip/innuendo by both sides and probably less moving forward. Sad thing

  1. Though in reality I think it started with the Reagan/Thatcher pair… I’ll have to look back at images of that era. I wonder if there’s any resemblance?

      1. I lived in California when he was governor. I suppose we could go clear back to Nixon to see the beginning of the road we’ve been on since he resigned. There are some striking parallels to be had from back then, but Reagan/Thatcher started the trickle-down theory which helped push us over the edge. (IMHO)

        1. Nixon was an amateur compared to Trump, yet we forced him out of office. I guess Congress had a backbone back then.

          I don’t recall who started trickle-down thinking, but it seems like it should have been obvious that it wouldn’t work. Except, of course, those at the top of the food chain would naturally support it.

          1. Nixon was a crook through and through, but he didn’t have Mitch and today’s GOP to back his most nefarious schemes. Yep, Congress and the DOJ had some backbone in those days. The crooks never gave up and kept chipping away at the backbone.

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