The tornado that wasn’t … or was it?

9 thoughts on “The tornado that wasn’t … or was it?”

    1. I knew the “lay of the land” around the Palmer Divide contributed to much heavier snowfalls there than here in north Denver, but I hadn’t heard about the concentration of lightning. I’m content to leave it all down south. Hazards enough up here as it is.

      1. Far too many not from area and think the world is Disneyland…like those girls in Yellowstone and the charging buffalo ( yes NPS should have issues citations – otherwise, without consequences – no learning to follow rules (which were designed to protect them…duh)

  1. I wanted to let you know…I got this e-mail from Brian’s (LordBeariOfBow) daughter Sarah:

    “Dad is still in hospital. Very frail. Had an operation yesterday to put a stent in his valve. They said it went well. He has a scan on Monday to check.
    He will appreciate every ones thoughts – thank you for checking on him and sending love and best wishes. I will pass them on.
    He is looking forward to writing a blog about his admission.”


    1. Oh thank you so much for passing along that info. I’ve been so worried about him, not having had any word. I imagine he is pretty frail. I think he’s about 9-10 years older than I am. Any surgery at that age is a BIG deal.

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