Cool off with the Katmai bears

Looking for a way to escape the summer heat? Don’t forget the live bear cam in Katmai National Park, Alaska. Icy whitewater, leaping salmon, determined bears, hungry gulls. All from the comfort of your couch.


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  1. Been watching them for years. Gets hard to quit at times. Another favorite is the Osprey cam at Charlo, MT.

  2. Thanks for reminding me of the livecams. I just spent five minutes watching one forlorn bear before he finally caught a fish. The others seemed to be more interested in working for some sustenance than this guy. Perhaps he’s a disaffected teen bear … 😉

  3. I keep saying that next year I’ll go up there so I can watch the bears….

  4. What beautiful bears! I’m so glad they water and food!
    Thank you for the link!
    Carolyn 🙂

  5. My goodness, how amazing. I do wonder how many times those fish try before they give up though, the bears didn’t look too worried about where the next meal was coming from.

    • Those are salmon going upstream to spawn. They die after they spawn, or if they don’t make it up the falls. The salmon run goes on for a number of weeks (mostly June and July, I think), plenty of time for the bears to stuff themselves.

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