A word of caution to Washington Republicans

5 thoughts on “A word of caution to Washington Republicans”

    1. Thanks. I’m truly incredulous that so many Republicans continue to defend Trump when it’s a cinch he wouldn’t defend them. Not for a second. He’d abandon them faster than Nixon dumped his buddies. However, I don’t for a second believe Trump would resign to escape impeachment. He’d be loudly protesting his innocence right down to the minute they escorted him out the door.

      Or, as I just heard someone on tv say, “Look at the Nixon deal. Everyone but Nixon went to jail.”

  1. I agree 100%.Living here in the US is odd right now. I would never before admit it out loud ,but I wish my Grandfather had stayed put in Kelly Bray,Cornwall. We, left with any sanity over here can’t find many good things to hip hip hooray about these days. I personally have more respect for the leadership in the UK right now.

    1. I don’t know that leadership in the UK right now is much better than here, but I suspect the citizens are much more polite and civilized than what we in the US have devolved into. I’m both embarrassed and deeply concerned.

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