Roe v Wade: Protecting every woman’s right to choose

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  1. Yes and it is getting scary to speak up. Some man started ranting about “Crooked Hillary” at the grocery store. I told him he only thinks that because he believes trump, who lies and bags about it. I thought he was going to hit me! We’re losing everything here, and it is all cloaked in “Christianity.”

  2. johnthecook…OTHER than incest and or rape most people CHOOSE to have sex. Conception is the natural outcome,not to hard to figure out. After all this is not rocket science. Most people including men consider pregnancy as an afterthought and killing the unborn baby in the womb is considered as an acceptable alternative to caring the baby to full term.Killing the baby in the womb is just plain wrong and treating the baby in the womb like trash that you can just throw away is not what R/Wade was all about.

    1. Men don’t have to carry the fetus to term, or give birth to it, or have their lives forever changed once it is born. They may, however, be held financially accountable. I would not presume to guess what “most people” think about pregnancy and abortion, but Roe v. Wade makes legal a pregnant woman’s right to choose what to do. Regardless of our personal beliefs, neither you nor I have the right to make that choice for her.

      1. Paraphrasing Mayor Pete when asked his position on Roe vs Wade, he said, “Of all the people who help make this decision, Doctors, Clergy, the expectant mother and father, the absolute worst place to look for this decision would be the government.”

        I like this guy.

      2. True, the government is the worst place for this very personal decision. But it was the only place that could ensure all women had the right to make the decision for themselves.

        I like the guy, too. But then, I’ve always been attracted to honesty and intelligence.

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