The hare … or the tortoise?

14 thoughts on “The hare … or the tortoise?”

    1. And this early in the race, maybe that’s where most open-minded voters ought to be. But what do I know. I’m the world’s finest example of analysis paralysis.

    2. I just heard on the late local news that Colorado’s mail-in ballots went out today. And I have until March 3rd to make a decision and get my ballot turned in. Decisions, decisions …

    1. A subhead in that article says “Democrats can’t win without the left,” which is true. But they also can’t win without the moderates. And I think a moderate will be less divisive than Sanders. I also think a moderate might even attract some disenchanted Republicans; it’s a cinch they won’t break ranks to vote for a Democrat on the far left. I am, however, prepared to vote for whoever gets the nomination and is “not Trump.”

      1. I’m not sure how you find moderates in a country as divided as ours happens to be. But it can certainly be said we live in “interesting times.” Have you actually seen any signs of Republicans breaking ranks lately?

        Some analysis of who actually voted or who they voted for has been pretty interesting. But it’s early yet.

      2. I consider myself moderate. Middle of the road. Etc. I don’t think I’m that far out of line from most of the people I know. It is still very early, so Sanders and Warren still have time to convince me they have realistic, viable plans to pay for all the stuff they are promising.

        As for Republicans breaking ranks, just yesterday my son, a registered Republican, started a conversation with me about Klobuchar. Maybe you don’t count family, but I’m certainly not going to talk politics with strangers.

  1. I wasn’t quite as confident in Biden in the beginning as you were but thought he would be okay as default. Now I’m not so sure. Amy is looking better and better. What could possibly go wrong?

      1. In fairness to all voters, it makes more sense to have the primaries on the same day. This year, there won’t be any need to vote when NM’s time comes. It will have been decided long before. Although I do like watching the candidates wax or wane through the debates while the primaries are being ticked off, state by state.

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