The Candy Man


Oh, who can take tomorrow 
Dip it in a dream 
Separate the sorrow and collect up all the cream
The Candy Man 
Oh, the Candy Man can 
The Candy Man can
‘Cause he mixes it with love
And makes the world taste good

Talk about your childhood wishes …

6 thoughts on “The Candy Man

  1. Yeah, I know. Won’t work. Personally, just make college education affordable again like it was when I went. I went to Purdue and was able to work part-time and afford tuition/room/board/books.

    1. Exactly. Tuition has increased at astronomical, unsustainable rates. I don’t know how anyone has kept up. Bernie is somehow going to make that tuition go away? How’s he going to pay off all those existing student loans he talks about? How’s he going to pay for all that “free tuition” for students yet to come?

  2. What I’d love is if when it came to healthcare, someone should ask why medical bills are so high in the first place. Knock them down to realistic, manageable levels and save the insurance for emergencies or long-term care. Why they’ve been allowed to inflate prices for the sake of insurance company weirdness for decades makes no sense.

    I’m done with college, so that’s not my biggest concern, except wait–we need more college educated people in the near future, so it’s all our concern. yes, college needs to be more affordable for all, too.

    1. I’ve always thought one reason medical bills are so high is that doctors and hospitals charge as much as they think they can get from the insurance companies, rather than just actual costs. Pharmaceutical companies charge insane amounts, make insane profits, and nobody is regulating them. All are entitled to a fair return on the products and services they provide, but profiteering off the sick and injured has gotten totally out of hand.

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