Oh goodie, spring has sprung

6 thoughts on “Oh goodie, spring has sprung”

  1. You and the dog need a yard – it’s renewing somehow to sit there. (And so many of those condos and patio communities have such high maintenance/HOA fees – which never go down and you have no control over…sigh. difficult to know what to do)
    Warm already? Reminds me of a couple of years probably 20 years ago when we sweltered at Estes as we were staying in non-AC hotels – normally there was still snow on many of the trails at that time – even if not on Trail Ridge. After that we ended taking far too many clothes on vacation, but you jut never know what you’ll need ( not being prepared is always a reason to buy t-shirts…but that wasn’t always in the budget – not much choice. HaHa)

    1. 50s, 60s, even low 70s one day. They say possible snow tomorrow at the same time they say high of 45. Go figure.

      I stayed in Estes one summer without AC and never made that mistake again.

      1. over 80 yesterday and the same forever now. (getting up very early/late for cooler dog walks – just not ready for this)
        Yeah that was when we splurged for a”cheap” room in the Stanley – so kids could be with the ghosts/ The Shining era…so so hot – we were glad we hadn’t planned on staying there for more than 1 night . Never again!)

      2. 80s make me tired just thinking about them. That’s definitely AC time for this house.

        My bad Estes stay was a week in what appeared to be a converted motel with no AC sitting in full sun with only the sliding glass door for ventilation. No cross ventilation whatsoever. Gasp! Once I found a good place, I reserved for the next summer before I checked out.

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