Alas, delivery doesn’t work for everything

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  1. I have a hair appointment on June 7. Will be interesting to see how they’re all dressed. I have a feeling it’ll just be masks only and perhaps gloves.

    1. My last haircut was the first week of January. I had an appointment on March 12, but got nervous and canceled it. A day later the shop closed till the end of April and the last time I looked, they still weren’t seeing customers in high-risk groups. A short pixie, untended for four and a half months, is a pathetic mess.

      1. Damn. I thought I had just successfully scheduled a haircut for June 23. But the confirmation email included a link to “our policies” which still asks those in high-risk groups to stay home. I guess if I get desperate enough I can try a different salon, but I really hate the idea of going to (and paying) someone different.

      2. Oh, I took scissors to my own. I wear really short hair so when it starts to fall over my ears and get down to my eyebrows, it’s time for a cut. Since my housemate is a professional dog groomer, I use her scissors, which are actually the same scissors most hair stylists use. Plus she has thinning scissors, which they call texturizing scissors in the salons. Those are great to use. Can’t really mess up with them.

      3. I have some thinning/texturing scissors that I hoped might work on my cat’s mats. But he won’t cooperate. I’ve used them on my own bangs in the past but have never tried more than that. I’m afraid to try cutting what I can’t see. But one of these days, if I get desperate enough …

  2. I’m staying bedraggled for a while, too. In Jan when I saw whispers of this thing I started to get a trim, but foolishly no. The should length flip might have been cute in high school ( which my hair, board straight, would never do no matter how much Dippity-do…) but it’s 95F here and hot. Not risking a trim by anyone here waving scissors though. Wonder just how good a cut you get with all the masks and protective gear…sigh. might risk it eventually…the Rapunzel look is sooo far in the past.
    Glad to hear you’re doing well…even as this weird thing gets hairier.
    Take care and paw waves!

    1. Yep, definitely getting hairier! I’m willing to risk going to the salon but apparently they aren’t willing to risk the liability if I get sick. I don’t really blame them for that. Aside from the hair, all’s well here. Hope it is there as well.

  3. I finally got a haircut a few days ago (don’t think they were gonna let me wear my bandanna/do-rag much longer in front of customers when the job opened back up. Plus, with all the time I’m spending outside in my garden, that hair sticking to my neck (and the bugs flying around and getting stuck in my hair–yeah). Was tempted to just get somebody to shave it all off–hot summers down here and I don’t have anybody to impress, anyway).

    Well, got it cut as short as I could for a severe short bob. Worked out nice–it’s so much cooler when I’m working outside without that bird nest sticking to my neck. They were wearing their gloves, apron, face mask… and anybody who came in without a face mask was given a disposable one (most had their own). The cool thing is I didn’t have to remove mine at all, even through the cutting, because of the way the elastic went around my ears. Pretty cool. I was expecting to have to hold it to my face for a bit while she moved around my head, but nope.

    1. Sounds like the way my salon is operating, except they don’t want us old folks in there maybe getting sick. My son, an IT architect who is working from home, got fed up and shaved his head. Lucky guys. I don’t feel like doing a Sinead O’Connor, although it wasn’t bad when I had cancer. I’ve been wearing my hair very short since then, but not THAT short.

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