Peaceful demonstrations vs lawless riots

10 thoughts on “Peaceful demonstrations vs lawless riots”

  1. Well said.
    It was like that here, too.
    The honest protestors, a diverse group, honoring a life lost and raising an issue that must be addressed..and after they started dispersing, the predators and thieves – you don’t bring crowbars and hammers to a normal peaceful protest.
    While some rampaged tried to block streets and start chaos, on the other side of town, volunteers were handing out food boxes.
    Time for everyone to choose who they want to stand next to.
    He who lies down with dogs gets up with fleas…..

    1. And the next morning, dozens of volunteers show up in the same area to try to clean up all the graffiti, board up broken windows, and sweep up all kinds of trash. At least we know which side they are on.

      1. So far so good. Mostly peaceful. We even had black cowboys/trail ride group and the black motorcycle club show up…I know, only in TX.
        NOLA, too (but then our cities are so close and similar) Saw Denver’s Police Chief looked like he was using a soft touch, too.
        Hopefully everyone can move on to the actual work now – not just show up for the party and selfies. Fingers crossed.

      2. I saw a picture that included the trail riders. Reminded me of the cowboy on horseback waiting patiently at a red light near my apartment when I first moved here.

        So glad to hear all remained peaceful.

      3. Did you see Aztec guy/girl in their outfits? (they always show up for everything cultural) or the ones with the “SE Asians for George” signs? It was more of a family and city gathering than a march.
        Maybe because he lived here, played HS football here and was active in the HIpHop production/videos/music scene made him more widely known as a person.
        Tues is the viewing then funeral. If everyone can hold it together until after that peacefully, progress will be made.
        Got a smile at your cowboy memory.

      4. I just saw one quick clip that included several people on horses, then broad overhead shots. The size of the crowd was amazing. I read somewhere that it was 60,000!

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