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    • At least the scientists are looking for answers. They don’t declare something a fact until they have proof.
      Science has questions that may never be answered.
      Religion has answers that may never be questioned.

      • johnthe cook…Good point,however science can NOT declare Creation is a myth or did not happen. Even Stephen Hawking was looking for The God “particle” and could not find it. I do not believe it exists,but then again what does a fry cook know? Again manage a good site. I do NOT want to disrespect you or you “peeps” I just like to give you my perspective from the books and people and News that influence my life. Thanks V/R johnthecook

        • Thanks, John. I try to respect everyone and expect that of my readers too. It wouldn’t be interesting at all if no one was willing to comment. You know, if Hawking had found a God particle, I might have changed my thinking

          • johnthecook here…I FINALY got into my WordPress account and can see your replies to my remarks. I WILL still be respectful to your expectations as I respond to your followers and your comments. V/R johnthecook

Now that I've had my say ...

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