Deny science at your peril … and mine

11 thoughts on “Deny science at your peril … and mine”

    1. At least the scientists are looking for answers. They don’t declare something a fact until they have proof.
      Science has questions that may never be answered.
      Religion has answers that may never be questioned.

      1. johnthe cook…Good point,however science can NOT declare Creation is a myth or did not happen. Even Stephen Hawking was looking for The God “particle” and could not find it. I do not believe it exists,but then again what does a fry cook know? Again manage a good site. I do NOT want to disrespect you or you “peeps” I just like to give you my perspective from the books and people and News that influence my life. Thanks V/R johnthecook

      2. Thanks, John. I try to respect everyone and expect that of my readers too. It wouldn’t be interesting at all if no one was willing to comment. You know, if Hawking had found a God particle, I might have changed my thinking

      3. johnthecook here…I FINALY got into my WordPress account and can see your replies to my remarks. I WILL still be respectful to your expectations as I respond to your followers and your comments. V/R johnthecook

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