8 thoughts on “Fee-fi-fo-fraud”

  1. Colorado obviously has an excellent mail-in voting system! It’s a relief to hear how well it works. Down here in Missouri, demagoguery is in full swing. Thanks for a great post, Susan.

    1. Well, the mail-in voting works nicely. I can’t say the same for Colorado politics in general. We have a really nasty Senate race in progress, with our Republican senator thought to be the most vulnerable one in the country.

  2. johnthecook…Donald Trump had no business telling America or suggesting Election Day should be delayed! I do know the News Media reported MILLIONS of dollars (Stimulus Checks) were received by people via The US Mail that should not have gotten money that way. I got my “mail in ballot” via the US Mail. How many DEAD people got one in the mail because their death has gone unreported. People of dead parents or siblings still receive benefits via the US Mail because their deaths have not been reported. My point is Mail Fraud and Voting Fraud is REAL and will occur if not closely monitored and You don’t have to be affiliated with any particular Political party for this to occur. As we all know the “POPULAR” vote does NOT always win!

    1. Deaths are reported to the proper local authorities and are a matter of public record. I’m not concerned at all that the federal government cannot keep track of that information in an efficient, timely matter. All ballots and voting are managed at the state level. The federal government’s mishandling of rushed benefit checks does not relate in any way to voting. Studies have shown there is very little voter fraud of any kind in the US. Trump’s claims are just another part of his desperate effort to discourage voting and ward off defeat on Nov. 3.

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