Damn, another dream shattered

17 thoughts on “Damn, another dream shattered”

      1. What is with that orange? Vitamin D related Covid preventative HAHA.
        Joe is trying to help him out by proactively offering a name change for him. You can’t make this stuff up
        Had to laugh during one of the 60 min. interview commercials – much too closely similar hair – Lesli and Trump (Some one should have warned her!)

      2. Oh, I’d like to hear his name again — when the IRS goes after him, when innumerable people sue him, and maybe even when he ends up in prison.

      3. Well if some of the other notable names/political crime families have managed to escape that, I don’t have much hope – while if you or I….haha
        At his point “retiring to private life” to be rarely heard from a gain as presidents used to do would be fabulous indeed. Out of sight out of mind is fine HAHA

      4. Yep – wishful thinking indeed
        There are multiple political /elected officials that need to head back to the barn – and stay there.
        (and they need to mandate only a month for the campaigns – this looooong campaign season has been a huge pain – will it never end)

      5. If there any grown-ups in DC they really need to link arms and give expectations of the dust settling peacefully – both parties together – for the good of the country
        Sadly the rioters really aren’t interested in listening to/controlled by anyone – Christmas is coming and “shopping” to do. What have we become?
        Severe weather might be a plus

    1. Maybe Putin will welcome him, let him build a hotel and golf course and get comfortable. But I suspect Putin will lose interest as soon as Trump loses the election.

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