Congratulations, President-Elect Joe Biden!

Matt Slocum / Associated Press

8 thoughts on “Congratulations, President-Elect Joe Biden!

    1. LOL. That’s so cool!!! Wish I’d been there with you. Best I can do is keep the tv on and enjoy the crowds everywhere else. I’m absolutely basking in it.

      1. Me, too. And trump is finally starting to see the reality of his situation. I think he truly believed between lawsuits and the Supreme Court – which I don’t think he will ever go in front of in regards to the election – he was going to win the election. Well, the people spoke. Legally. Get out.

          1. I think he’ll either be dead or his health won’t allow him to run. It won’t happen. I seriously doubt it. Other than his groupies, he’s really not wanted.

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