I appreciate you! Pass it on

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  1. A great list, PT, and you are so right! I can think of only two additions in my case, our newspaper carrier and our postal person. Oh, it just occurred to me: journalists who travel dangerously to bring us the news!

  2. Great additions!

    And let’s add all the servicemen and women at home and abroad who make sure we still have a country to call our own. Covid wasn’t part of the deal when they signed up.

    Oh, and for sure the cleaning crews who work round the clock to clean and sanitize those places we do have visit.

  3. I got to text a little with my grocery deliverer and then chatted briefly (distanced) when she dropped things off. I thanked her profusely. I’m going to thank our post deliverer next time I see her. They are real people and they do so much for us.

    1. My Dumpling deliverer backs up to my garage (closer to my kitchen that way) and while she’s unloading things into my garage, we have nice (distanced) chats. Wish I could give her hugs. I know she can use the tips, but it’s not the same thing.

  4. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I’ve always heard that some restaurants, especially chains, keep part of wait staff’s tips that are added to credit card payments. So I tip in cash whenever possible. I have a small table on my front porch, and when I’m getting a delivery I put the tip there, held in place by a paperweight. If I’m texting with the delivery person, I let them know it’s there for them. I don’t live on a busy street so I’ve never had one stolen.

    1. I may try that. I always worry that the drivers don’t get the tips otherwise. I’ve also heard that restaurants underpay their wait staff, expecting their tips will bring them up to minimum wage. However, porch piracy is apparently a huge problem around here, although they’ve yet to hit me.

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