It’s so much more than a mere tattoo

12 thoughts on “It’s so much more than a mere tattoo”

    1. I commend him for having even thought of it. Actually doing it — wow, we need more dads like that. His son will appreciate it even more when he really understands what was involved!

  1. Very symbolic for the father to do and am sure has had a significant impact on his son. I tend to think it’s a bit extreme and there are. other effective, maybe even better ways to address the issue his son has.

    1. The dad said he had no idea it would be a 30-hour ordeal when he started. I imagine he thought of a lot of better ideas along the way. I’m not sure I can think of a better one, though. Seems to me that dealing with the son as though he alone has a problem is not nearly the same as an outright demonstration that “we’re in this together and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Anything else might leave the boy thinking, “You don’t understand. It didn’t happen to you.”

  2. Love of parents can never be replaced with anything in this world. This dad is no less than a superhero for his son! This picture made my day.
    It is such a sweet bond!

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