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      • johnthecook…YES, it is both frightening and infuriating that there are those in our Government who are trying to turn the USA into something it was N-E-V-E-R intended to be! Until we can get our own house in order we should NOT be the Country/Nation that thinks we can be the savior of the rest of the Worlds people who want to come to America by hook or crook because they don’t want to stay and fix what is wrong in their own Country. Name another Country on Planet Earth who taxes their people and then sends that money to America to help us out??

        • Our taxes go to fund our government and enable it to do things that individuals or states cannot do. National defense, for example. Or to patrol and secure our national borders. We’re not doing a very good job of that right now. But I don’t expect the immigrants from Central and South America to fix what’s wrong in their countries. Repressive governments, gangs, and poverty are pretty much beyond the ability of poor citizens to fix. But I don’t condone their rushing our border en masse and entering illegally. Wiser people than I will have to find a solution.

Now that I've had my say ...

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