justice begins.

Beth always has a great take on things, whether she’s wearing her glasses or not. Her post today — and all the comments — was wonderfully uplifting:

13 thoughts on “justice begins.

  1. johnthecook…IF someone really wants to know how Justice System should work, one needs to look no further than the Declaration Of Independence,The Constitution, and our Bill Of Rights and their Amendments. Those in charge are failing miserably.

    1. “unalienable rights;… life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” is a good place to start. Too many police are depriving too many people of their right to life. Likewise all the civilian shooters. Justice is not yet being administered equally throughout the population. That was Baldwin’s point.

      1. johnthecook…When you sign up to be a Policeman, one of the hazards of the job is being injured ,shot or killed by the perpetrator. Conversely when you break the law one of the hazards of committing a crime is being injured, arrested, incarcerated or killed in the commission of a crime. At any rate there will be consequences, and many times you don’t have a choice as to what they will be. Should you be killed for not obeying a verbal command from Law Enforcement? 99.9% of the time NO! However what makes or causes a person to believe they don’t have to listen to or obey a verbal command from Law Enforcement ? I think I would call that foolish pride. I think I would rather live and tell my side of the story than to be right…dead right!

  2. johnthecook ..I would agree that to many people are killed for less than a Capital crime. However statistics will support the fact that more Black men are killed BY Black Men, than by any other race. Question: why is it that almost all those deaths are preceded by active criminal activity or suspected criminal activity ? It is more than just coincidence!

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