Happy ending for injured bear cub

The video tells the whole story. A black bear cub was orphaned and injured in Colorado’s Cameron Peak fire last year. He was found by wildlife officials, who treated his burns and cared for him all winter as he grew from 16 pounds to nearly 90 pounds. He was released this week into unburned forest near where he was found. Kudos to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. It’s heartening to see so many people caring so much about a single creature.

12 thoughts on “Happy ending for injured bear cub

  1. Something to cheer about.
    Something showing compassion and willingness to take time and energy to save one small creature caught in a situation it can’t understand – gives a bit of hope.
    Go, bear, go!

  2. We have some really good CPW agents in this Loveland- Estes area – with good meaning professional, caring, and ethical. These agents honestly do everything possible to save wild lives, such as with this juvenile fire survivor. It was great seeing this positive video. Thanks for sharing it, PT!

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