Made my day

It’s the little things, often, that make your day. For me yesterday, one of those little things was hearing that “Queen — Greatest Hits” (1981) was at the top of the weekly iTunes chart. This week’s chart. And has been for 12 days.

At one time or another I had all of Queen’s albums, or CDs, or whatever form worked for me at the time. They are/were my favorite group ever. To see a resurgence in their popularity, for however long it lasts, makes me happy. I don’t know if this ranking means we old farts are seeking out our old favorites again or — much better — a younger generation has discovered and loves what made rock so great.

I lost interest when lead singer Freddie Mercury died in 1991. For me, he was the band. There would and could be no other. Adam Lambert stepped in (2011ish?) and did a decent job as frontman; I’d loved him on American Idol. And Queen played on with him. But there was only one Freddie Mercury.

Rami Malek did a commendable job playing Mercury in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. Even won an Oscar for it. It took some time for me to get into the movie and see him as Mercury, but I did, and enjoyed the hell out of the music, of course. And cried at the end, of course.

Queen with Adam Lambert is still touring in 2021. And I’m glad they’re making a go of it with all that great music.

But still, there was only one Freddie Mercury.

16 thoughts on “Made my day

    1. Oh I’ve loved him since he first appeared on “American Idol,” which I thought he should have won. And I’m glad he was in a position to keep the other Queen band members together and touring. He’s not Freddie, but that band has some great music to work with. Nobody else could do justice to that music.

  1. I love Queen. Didn’t follow along after Freddie’s death, though. Love the movie with Rami playing the part of Freddie. I thought he did a magnificent performance. This album is one of my favorites, although I never have liked the song, “Another One Bites the Dust.”

    1. All my vinyl is gone now. Left behind with the last ex because they are heavy and expensive to ship …. but not before I pulled out the original Beatles album sold in the US.

    1. I always liked my rock played LOUD, with walls and floors vibrating. When one of my many moves meant leaving behind my stereo system with the 3-foot high speakers, I drifted away from it. I’ve yet to find another set-up that’s as intensely satisfying.

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