So I cheered up and sure enough …

8 thoughts on “So I cheered up and sure enough …”

  1. For the “now i’ve heard everything” file, earlier today had a carload of first-timers come through my lane. From another state. Lines were not terrible right then, so i took a long time giving directions and suggesting several different places to stop, animals they may see, etc. A main point for everyone is to know the smoke obscuring the mountain views is coming from wildfires in CA, OR and NW CO and that Rocky has no fires nearby. Shortly before my shift ended, they came back through. I expected smiles and more questions. Instead, they demanded a refund of their day pass because i did not tell them they could not see the mountains…. I told them no refunds allowed as they had spent the afternoon in the Park. Sigh.

    1. They expected the peaks to magically appear after they got past the entrance? You failed to wave your magic wand for them, or push that button that causes the peaks to rise from the smoke? What kind of park department are you running up there anyway!?


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