Home delivery — a mixed blessing

6 thoughts on “Home delivery — a mixed blessing”

  1. Nothing wrong with it. I order a lot of stuff online now instead of going to the store. Here in ABQ, though, since we’re just a big town/small city, our fresh food delivery is very very limited. Now, most stores will do curb-side pick-up. But few will deliver – especially fresh food.

  2. Me too. I just ordered two LED light bulbs for our range hood from Amazon and they came in two days! Would have been some difficulty obtaining locally. The convenience is well worth it for the annual subscription fee, and with the added benefit of Prime Video’s extensive movie collection. For boxes, a box cutter is a must.

    1. I don’t even have to pay for Amazon Prime. I’m on my son’s account. I’m sooo addicted to Amazon!

      I don’t have a box cutter, but it’s amazing what a serrated steak knife can do.

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