How to hide a mountain

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    1. Yes, as many sources are now saying, we’re quickly descending into Earth’s new normal. Excessive heat, floods, fires, smoke. It’s really not nice. And my confidence that we’ll do anything about it is getting very low.

    1. Oh yes, fires every year in the western states. Several years of extreme drought, so much fuel. It’s a lot worse this year, and the prevailing winds are spreading the smoke all the way from the West Coast to the East Coast. The Dixie Fire, in northern California, is now said to be the second largest in the state’s history and has burned more than 700 square miles. Reportedly it was started by a dead tree falling across a power line. That’s all it takes. A few sparks.

      1. Wow so easy, I remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger was Governor of California he had lot’s of serious fires going on, some of the worst up until then. It must be a very hard decision to let people into the countryside when fires are so easy to start.

      2. People in rural and/or remote areas must always be aware of the possibility of fire and distance from fire protection agencies. But it’s a free country and people can live where they want.

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