All hail Colbert

I found this video on YouTube this morning, and if you love Stephen Colbert as much as I do, you’ll enjoy it. He’s a rare human being and I wish we had many more like him. Thoughtful, humble, funny, smart as a whip. A real class act. I could go on, but you get my drift.

4 thoughts on “All hail Colbert

  1. johnthecook…the reason for the end of the tail to be left, on a shrimp cocktail is to have a small end to “pinch as you pull out the last morsel of meat out of the shell without getting the tip of your fingers messy.

    1. I like having a “handle” on my cocktail shrimp. I assumed Colbert was talking about something messy, like shrimp scampi, with sauce all over the shrimp before he gets it. But me, I love shrimp and will take it any way I can get it.

  2. Coming late to this post but anyway, totally agree about Colbert. This clip reinforces my belief that a good sense of humor is vital to wisdom and good leadership. I don’t know if Putin has a sense of humor, but I suspect he does not. Donald Trump doesn’t and Mike Pense doesn’t seem to. I wonder if the pope does? Queen Elizabeth?

    1. I think I’ve heard that the Pope does have a sense of humor. And I can’t imagine the Queen surviving this long without one, though it might violate royal decorum to display it. Certainly Colbert could not be successful without one.

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