A no good very bad day in LA

This happened a few days ago and if you’ve been awake, you’ve no doubt seen it already. But for you few who haven’t … try to restrain your schadenfreude.

Maybe this is just a matter of perspective. Maybe you have to have been on the ground to fully appreciate what these officers were up against. Maybe.

10 thoughts on “A no good very bad day in LA

  1. Well, I am one who hadn’t seen this, so thanks. As it happens, we here in Joplin MO (pop. ca. 50,000) just had a similar incident last week, one that turned out badly. Police were called to a “disturbance” at a strip mall where a man resisted arrest and shot them. Two officers were shot dead in the encounters and a third, who lived, was shot in the face. The assailant, a man about 40 who was listed as homeless, was shot dead by another cop. These were the first police on-duty fatalities here in about 20 years.

    1. Who would have thought a call about a homeless man at a mall could end so horribly. And I can see how it might have happened because the police let their guard down and were trying to manage the situation humanely and politely — and avoid all the negative publicity that police have been getting in recent years. It’s an awful job to try to do right.

      1. Yes, it only takes one bad apple to spoil the barrel. I’m confident that the great majority of police are right-minded about their job. It sure doesn’t help that they routinely come into contact with the worst of society.

        1. And if you allow just one bad apple per barrel, that’s a lot of bad apples in this country. I think there could be vast improvement if the good apples would try just a little bit harder to get rid of the bad apples instead of protecting them — to the detriment of everyone, apple or otherwise.

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