Texas tough

If you watch tv news at all, you probably saw this video yesterday. A red Texas pickup was caught by a tornado, spun around on its side, then set back on its wheels. And after that little amusement park ride, the driver simply drove away.

What you might have missed, however, is the local follow-up about the truck and driver:

Dang, people. I grew up in Oklahoma. It’s practically the tornado capital of the world. And I never heard of anything like this happening. But I have always heard that everything’s bigger in Texas. Tougher, too, apparently. Waaay tougher.

Update, March 25: A Fort Worth Chevrolet dealer announced today that Chevrolet is giving the teen driver a new pickup, a Cherry Red Silverado 1500 All Star edition, which has a starting price of around $50,000.

8 thoughts on “Texas tough

  1. The whole Gulf coast is consistently getting wrecked. Nola was smashed as well. I caught some of it last night, but I was fortunate that no tornados were formed here.

    1. “Tornado Alley” used to run north-south through Oklahoma and the Great Plains. With climate change and all it seems to have shifted to more east-west across the South and Midwest. The Gulf Coast can’t seem to catch a break anymore.

    1. I’m afraid with continued global warming we’re just going to see more and bigger fires, drought, and weather extremes of all kinds — all across the country. Wherever you are, stay safe.

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