That wicked wind

This map graphically illustrates wind patterns across the US.
Screenshot, approximately 10 pm, April 12, 2022

I’ve posted this wind map before, but in the past two or three weeks I’ve felt compelled to look it up again. We’ve had a number of extremely windy days and it occurred to me that the map might be particularly dramatic. This screenshot is from 10 pm this evening, and it looks like Denver is getting off easy compared to farther east. I wish I’d thought to check at about 7 pm, when Google told me we were having 30 mph winds. I checked Google because Tuesday is my trash night, and recently it seems that’s also the night for high winds. I’m hoping the bin, now with two weeks’ worth of trash, is too heavy to blow over. Last week it blew over before I could even get back to the house.

Oh, and no, no moisture with all that wind. Up in the mountains, yes, but here on the plains, no.

Anyway, have fun with the map. Click on it to zoom in to your location, and refresh the page to zoom back out. Depending on the weather, it can be really dramatic, attractive, or interesting.

16 thoughts on “That wicked wind

  1. It’s been windy here in the U.K. too, but not strong winds, but cold, biting winds from the north. Just yesterday seemed to be the first day in ages that the wind has dropped and the temperatures have risen. I love the summer sun.

  2. Here on the mid-Atlantic U.S. east coast we have had high winds with increasing frequency over the past year or more. Climatologists warn of rising temperatures as a prime feature of the change we’re seeing, but it’s beginning to look as if more frequent and stronger wind is a related feature we’ll need to learn to live with. Both, of course, contribute to the trend of more frequent weather disasters.

  3. All trees here standing after last night. The map certainly shows why my mom was staying up late– top floor of her building. I told her hearing no wicked witch music was a good sign 🌬

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