Spring brings wind and … eaglets

A screenshot from April 8

Like the Alaskan bear cam, the Decorah, Iowa, eagle cam is an annual treat. This year’s eaglets hatched March 26 and 27 and watching their development in the coming weeks is sure to be fun. The 24-hour live streaming camera has sound and a great view, although the natural sway of the branch might be a bit disconcerting to some. Both parents are very attentive and trade off babysitting duty with meal delivery.

Farther down the page you’ll find a wealth of information about these and other eagles.

The Explore website features dozens of live streaming webcams focused on birds, bears, bats, dogs, cats, otters, African wildlife, and oceans. On any given day, you are sure to find something to enjoy. And it’s guaranteed to beat doomscrolling!

12 thoughts on “Spring brings wind and … eaglets

    1. It’s almost 1 am here, so not much action there … except for all those ice chunks floating by. Fascinating. Don’t see anything like that around here. At least I don’t. I’m nowhere near a river. You live up around Duluth somewhere?

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