Justice for Karen Garner

11 thoughts on “Justice for Karen Garner”

  1. Almost worse was the video of the police officers at the station laughing at the video of Karen being thrown to the ground. It made me realize how much of society views seniors as contemptible.

    1. Contemptible, worthless, expendable. More than a little disturbing to someone who turned 79 just a month ago. I’ve always been treated with respect — but I was a lot younger then.

  2. Exercise of authority by one person over another all too often promotes cruel behavior. The famous Milgram experiment showed that many people are willing to commit injustice when directed by an authority figure. Similarly, some people, as in this instance, zealously overact when given authority over others. It happens not only in the ranks of police but in the military and colleges (fraternities.) I saw numerous instances of this when I attended the Naval academy. Many intelligent people have a mean streak. Seems like there ought to be a way to purge the bad apples from the candidates. The penalty in this egregious case is certainly warranted but, sadly, I think it’s unlikely to change human nature.

  3. The officers actions defy common sense — she was clearly a harmless little old lady. No effort seemed to have been made to interact with her in a reasonable manner. I wonder if the Walmart people made any effort to talk with her and might have noticed she had some issues? I wonder if the officer and the others saw the error of their ways?

    1. I too wondered about the Walmart people. Several stories mentioned she was a regular at the strore, so you’d think they were aware of her dementia. And they got their items back before she left the grounds. Yet they must have called the police. And for the police to treat a frail old woman like that is just horrifying.

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