Diversity must be scary

12 thoughts on “Diversity must be scary”

  1. Not only the haircuts, Susan, eh ? – guess that’s your point.
    I seem to recall a middle-aged female newsreader up your way, some years back. Must’ve been a hirer of character in the station ..

    1. Yep, that’s my point. I sometimes have double vision but triple is ridiculous. Just a coincidence, I’m sure, but it looked really weird when I turned it on. And it still looks weird.

    1. I’ve always assumed sexist bosses wanted their “gals” to look sexy and young. And/or the women just feel — still — that it’s necessary to get ahead. Along with the advice to be colorful rather than sexy. I was just struck by the three lookalikes.

    1. I see the sleeveless thing year round and think it looks really dumb in the winter. An old “how to succeed” book I once read did mention wearing bright colors to set women apart from the men in their dark suits/uniforms. Don’t know how much of that is still relevant, now that women are “equal” (ha!) in the workplace.

  2. It’s not just broadcasting, either. By and large, “younger” women these days almost all abjure short hair, though one can still see it at times among the professional group – medical, legal, financial. I don’t really believe it’s bosses dictating – I think we’re beyond that in most part of the country. I suspect it’s a choice these women are making for themselves. The trend is at least 15 years old. I wonder if it has to do with trends in gender identification?

    1. I’ve been retired too long to guess what’s going on in the workplace these days. But seeing triplets like this … startling, to say the least.

  3. I, too, have noticed the long hair syndrome of the TV women and wondered why? I considered whether the virus and not going to the beauty shop might account for this sameness. I think not, though may for a few. Frankly, I find seeing so many looking alike rather tiresome, even annoying after awhile.

    After years of having my preferred short hair, when I stopped working, finally had a cut that was layered to foster my waves and curls, I decided to allow my hair to grow long just to see how I’d look and if I’d like it. Then Covid arrived and I stopped going to the hairdresser. I’m keeping my now long hair pulled back.

    1. “Tiresome, even annoying” describes my feeling exactly. It’s occurred to me that some of them might be wearing wigs — easy to pop on when they reach the studio and already carefully styled. Particularly with some of the older women whose natural hair might be thinning. Personally I’ve always preferred short hair. Tried longer in college, a “few” years back, and didn’t like it.

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