Rare air

17 thoughts on “Rare air”

  1. Clearly, some people have waaay too much money. Plus, these look downright dangerous. It’s like the designer strove for maximum instability. And, poor foot health.

    1. Of course we don’t know if anyone actually bought these. But clearly someone thought they could make some money with these … or maybe just attract some attention like I’ve just given them. Certainly the two Reviews don’t seem to have come from actual purchasers.

    2. Okay, now I’m chuckling. I was about to observe that many women wear spike heels all the time and get along just fine. Clearly not dangerous. Then I looked at those shoes again and damned if those heels don’t indeed look like actual spikes! Coincidence? Or a sense of humor from the designer?

  2. Testing the waters to see if it’s true there’s a sucker born every minute?
    Form not following function…but hey, Commonsense has left the building…(Maybe collision with health care providers, hospitals, and physical therapists?)
    Next these will be handed out to all new immigrants as they arrive at the border….they must fit in….yep, welcome to that better life…possibly scaring some so badly they shake their heads and head back across the river to simple but sane. Wait – we’re coming with you….

    1. Maybe they’re intended as a collector’s item? Buy them and display them on a shelf for your friends to laugh at?

      “Simple but sane”? Wait for me!!!

  3. Seldom seen anything more ridiculous ! Looking forward to press coverage of any one of the Kardashians stepping out in Balenciaga ..

    1. I’m sure some Balenciaga products are already in their closets. But these shoes? I dunno. Admittedly I’d like to see them — or anyone — wearing these things.

  4. The nearest to a classy brand of shoes for me was a pair of Hush Puppies as a teenager. Cannot fathom these! ( Okay, i did have a pair of Crocs, but from an outlet store!)

    1. My current wardrobe consists of one pair of Keen sandals and one of Hoka sneakers. Nothing appropriate for niece’s wedding in a couple of weeks.

      1. But wait– you may be ok as is. Brides are now wearing sneakers under their gowns, so why can’t an esteemed Aunt follow the trend in the name of comfort? Will lend you my cowboy boots if that might help! (Long skirt or long slacks make footwear fade away, too)

      2. I bought some flowy pants, so footwear won’t be a huge issue. And found some flats on deep discount last night and ordered them. Just hope they fit well enough. I’m running out of time. But thanks for the offer of the boots!

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