Creating chaos

I’m afraid I may have created a lot of confusion for readers today. I decided to try setting up a static front page, which is something that can be done in WordPress. I wandered back and forth, up and down, reading instructions, creating pages then changing or deleting them. Whatever you see right now (Monday evening) is the point at which I gave up — not at all sure about what I spent the afternoon doing.

Some of you got email notifications when I accidentally clicked Publish instead of View. Maybe more than once. And if you came to see a new post … I don’t know what you saw. Chaos under construction, I suspect.

It may take a day or two to see what I’ve actually done aside from just messing up a professionally created theme. But meantime, I apologize for any confusion I created.

I really should learn how to create a mirror site to play with … you know, like a kid with a sandbox.

16 thoughts on “Creating chaos

  1. actually, a “sandbox” environment is a standard setup in must major software engineering groups. Of course, Murphy’s Law applies and what works in the sand box, won’t work on the production site and the production site can never be replicated properly in the sandbox.

    Other than that it works great!

  2. You can create a copy of your WordPress website on your computer using something like xampp etc. It’s like using a sandbox and then you can mess about with it without any change to you live website. Yours looks good to me though. 😊

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