Place your bets

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    1. Amazing what fewer hours of daylight and the resulting hormone changes can do. But I agree, seeing those bulls hanging out in their summer “boys’ clubs” seems to defy reality.

    1. I’m guessing these elk are among those hanging out on and along the golf course, where Fish Creek empties into the lake. Somebody in those condos is probably trying to figure out how to sell tickets …

  1. I was off today- took Fish Creek Rd to avoid going near town & yes, the larger town herd was spread out along the 18-hole course and a walking trail along the creek itself. Vehicles were parked solidly along both sides of the road — word gets around fast about this bunch. (Visitors ask where to see elk and i routinely suggest the Horseshoe, Upper Beaver Meadows, Moraine, and Hollowell Parks (meadows). Then add if those don’t pan out, to head downtown to the golf courses)

    There are several really magnificent bulls this year. After losing Kahuna from the Park, and another lost to a poacher, i was concerned about the quality of the winners thinking of next year’s calves. Obviously, no need to worry with these two contenders. Thanks for sharing this clip!

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